The Best Place for Parties Near LaGuardia College

At Courtyard Ale House, we love a good celebration. We frequently host parties for LaGuardia College’s graduating students, faculty members or departments celebrating the beginning or end of the school year.

Why is Courtyard so popular with the faculty and students of LaGuardia College?

  • First of all, we’re near LaGuardia College, about a half-mile away, straight down Queens Boulevard. According to Google Maps, it’s a 2-minute drive, 7 minutes by subway and 13 minutes by foot. With regard to walking, we think you’ll make it faster, knowing what’s in store for you when you arrive.
  • We offer outstanding party space for FREE. Yes, that magic word. We offer a backyard, covered patio that is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, and includes a dock for your iPod, with an excellent sound system. We also have plenty of classy space inside.
  • Looking to limit the cost even further? We welcome you to bring and cook your own food, and we’ll provide the grill, tables, chairs, and we’ll set-up and clean-up. We can also put you in touch with local caterers who will provide food for you, with no mark-up from us. The legendary Butcher Block is right across the street from us; it will deliver a sumptuous traditional Irish meal for everyone in your party.
  • We require only that you purchase your drinks from our bar. We offer a full-service bar, with spirits, wine, and 24 taps of beer, including most of the best craft beers that New York State and indeed all of America have to offer, as well popular domestic and Irish and European beers. Try us and you’ll agree – Courtyard Ale House is the best beer bar in Queens.

To review – we’re very close to LaGuardia College, offer outstanding party space free of charge, with balloons and an iPod Dock and sound system, we invite you to bring your own food or have it catered, and we pour the best beer, wine and spirits in Queens.

Is there any doubt that Courtyard Ale House is the best place for parties near LaGuardia College?


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